“Writers Block” keep away

I think I may add a new type of food to the menu. I was playing around with a few recipes and I think that I have developed the perfect recipe. One that is a mesh up between and Ecuadorian grilled chicken on a bed of sautéed cactus leaves with cilantro, mushroom, onions and garlic. With a delicious mole sauce.

I do not know it is just a suggestion. However, I think that now it is ready to be brought to the masses. However, I need to tweak it a little, maybe add some melted quest Blanco. I am still am not sure, but I am sure it will come to me.

Usually when I am stuck on a new recipe fusion like this I like to take nap. By the time I wake up I would have dreamt or envisioned, sometimes even taste what I want it to be. Then I go ahead and hook it up. I so hope that this time is not any different.

I know of this one chef. He has his routine of developing new recipes. One day he was stuck on how to finish off this particular dessert. He went through his steps, that day it did not work. Nothing come through for him.

He over reacted and fell into a culinary version of a writer block. Not too long after that, his restaurants went under. Now he installs HVAC system. In fact, he installed our system, he is great. Not to mention license and bonded.

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