When it comes to heating and cooling, the sky is the limit!

Remember how I told you all that after the fire I had a new system installed. Then there was some kind of mishap that caused me to contact my heating & air conditioning company, to have it inspected. Turns out someone had just bumped the thermoset causing it to lock onto a cool temperature. Hey, what can you do? It is a touchscreen. It was easily remedy by finding my administrative login information.

Lucky for me, my cousin is a heating and cooling tech. he was able to refer me to a great team of technicians in my area. One of his companies, like, sister branches.

He was also able to give me a few pointers on how to find the best air conditioner and heating systems. There are so many to choose from. Find a great and reputable company by doing your research. Ask around and check on sites like “Yelp” that gives unbiased opinions on services and businesses. Do not just go by the first name, you see online or if you are going real old school, the yellow pages.

Don’t forget when updating your system there are many more options to save you mucho dolares on you gas bill by choosing an energy star efficient one. Alternatively, if you are like my mother in law, do away with the entire gas powered furnace. Go electric.

Super great and wonderfully able to completely heat an entire home costing the home or business owners for pennies on the dollar.

However, I realize that not everyone can afford to pay someone to install a brand new system. Not to mention having to pay to have they ripped out the old system to have replaced. If you are handy with tools, able to read a manual. Alternatively, at the very least do an internet search and discover a video on how to install electric heaters for dummies, of course!

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