What a woman!

One thing I never considered when I was in the business for a new heating system was the many different brands to choose from. Who knew that there were so many options, I guess like everything else people like to shop around. I figured if you buy one furnace or boiler, or whatever you have bought it all, but this is not true.

This is extremely not the truth when considering a heating system for my house. Just as the restaurant is going well and business is, booming my house seems to pick this time to fall apart. As they say if I did not have bad luck, I would no have any luck at all. It feels like I have been living the same dream repeatedly. I pray that my home does not catch fire like my restaurant. Now that will be just too much.

Which leads me to number one problem this evening, should I go with a Rheem or Bryant? Both great brands with reliable equipment but which one do I want n my home is the question. This may have to wait until my wife finishes bathing the kids she is good at making these type of questions.

No lie, just last year our air conditioner was one the fritz and figured it out. By the time she was cleaning up and washing her hands, I was still online searching how to troubleshoot my A/C unit.   I think she has missed her calling, but have her tell she is content and happy as a stay at home mom and homemaker. Who I am to interfere.

Anyway, I am still at a standstill with this furnace ordeal.

This whole furnace thing got me to thinking about my first house. It was a small rental; about the size of a postage stamp, it was so small. Back in the day when money was tight, me a struggling young sous chef and my wife studding mechanical engineering at university.

The house had an old boiler that was always doing crazy things. Sometimes it would overfill and sometimes it seems as though it was drinking the water. With no money, of course I googled how to replace a boiler. However, my lovely wife took one look at it, got her tools and in less than thirty minute we were cooking with fire.

What a woman, am I right?

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