The Rebuilt

It took some time and a lot of hard work but we were able to rebuild after the fire. After the insurance money came in and everyone pitch in in five short months, we were back in action.

However that time in between was trying for all of us. My family, my employees, my customers, heck myself. For some time it almost seem as if, we would not make it. There was more than one night in which I thought, this is it, and there is no coming back from this.

Lucky for me, I had the full support of my family and friends. They rallied behind me and supported me through this. Staying up late at night and early in the morning. Working and helping the construction crew rebuild my baby. Blood, sweat, and tears were spilled.

Everyone pitched in to bring my beautiful restraint back to life. It was gruesome, stressful, and long but we were able to do it.

If you ask me, it looks better than ever. I mean with the insurance money were able to upgrade a few appliances. Not to mention the new brick over we were able to score. Of Couse, I could only afford it used but it is well worth the money.

The brick oven has turn my tostadas, tortilla shells, and enchiladas into a brand new experience.

Literally, it was one of those things my Tia would say, a blessing in disguise. Of course, it was an unscheduled hardship, but I believe that we are stronger for it.

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