Not too bad

After all that we went through airing on the new HVAC system, I was so excited. Like genuinely excited, I mean it is so high tech. Thermostat alone is sweet. I am a fan of technology so when I saw it I was too excited.

The thing can be operated by a smartphone. When they say they have an app for everything it is not a lie. I actually have an amp to turn on or off my heating and cooling system! Which is amazing to say the least.

Imagine my surprise when I came in this morning to open everything and start the food prep. Meet my produce grocer, a local backyard farmer. She is amazing, she grows everything in her backyard, greenhouse, or in the basement. She literally has her hand in every type of vegetable or fruit. Even some exotic ones that you are not supposed to be able to grow in this climate.

Enough about my farmer.

Back to the system. Really the lifeblood of the restaurant. It went out on the fritz. I have no idea what happen but I walked into the restaurant and it was freezing. I could have sworn that I saw my breath.

Assuming that someone must have messed with it or bumped something the night before.   I tried to adjust it from my phone. When that did not work, I went to the actual thermostat.

That did not. After contacting the installers, they sent a technician out within a half an hour!

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