Menu Changes

After we reopened the restaurant again, we started with the custom burritos. “Pimp Your Burrito!” It was a hit, such a great burrito. Super delicious, by far one of my favorite dishes on the menu. It was then that I decided to aver that as one of my staples on the menu, something that will always be on there no matter what season we are in. Of all of the items we have, it is always a popular choice for my customers.

Along with the burrito, we offer a wide range of South American cuisine. Something to satisfy anyone’s pallet.

From Brazil:

We offer Pao De Queijo, an appetizer that is a cheese bread. However, we import some delicious, soft, Brazilian cheese every week. Melted on hand made Brazilian bread. Then we bake it in our new brick oven that reaches the great temperatures of fifteen hundred to twenty seven hundred degrees.   It is amazing!

From Colombia:

We served two very popular and scrumptious dishes. They are called Aborrajado and Carimanola. Aborrajado is actually one of my personal favorite dishes on the entire menu. It is an order of deep fried plantains. Before frying the plantains, we painfully stuff each one. With Colombian cheese that is made in the Colombian store owned by my second cousin. In addition, Carimanola is a regional dish that is comprised of meat, cheese, and spices. Mixed in with a yucca, then it is battered and deep-fried. Like a fritter.

Oh, I have to go.

My restaurant is opening in an hour and I need to check on my team and see if anyone has any questions about the menu changes.

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