Living the dream

The only thing that I hate about owning this fabulous grille and bistro is the late nights when you just cannot get rid of the customers. Some nights I would love to come home at a more reasonable time. Sit down with my family and enjoy a meal. Maybe I cooked it, maybe not. Whatever. My kids are young and they do not necessarily understand why papa takes such a long time to make it home at night.

I try to be around as much as I can but I cannot be everywhere all the time.

Not that I am complaining. During this and I am achieving my goals, living my dreams. Doing something that I have been dreaming, thinking, fantasizing, and hoping for since I could remember.

When most young boys were busy playing with G I Joe, dirt bikes, or shooting ball I was outside building my dream kitchen. With some old cabinets, bins, and trash cans. My mom scored me a set of used pots and pans from neighbor’s garage sale for two dollars. She claims that I would not play with the plastic ones from the toy store. Just plain refused.

That has not to say that I did not have a normal childhood just that I have always enjoyed cooking. Really anything to do with the kitchen.

Now as a real life grown up it is as if I am living my playtime. I guess this is the sacrifice that must be made.

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