I gotta good feeling about this

What a great day at the restaurant. Folks rolling like high tide on a full moon. This is probably the best day we have ever had. This is also including the time before the fire. I mean this is only the beginning of the week but if we keep this up, I should be breaking even this year. I hope it is not just something that is a fluke.

Next Thursday I have an appointment with my financial planner that I know that, it will be good news all around. Which is such a relief, once we went through all of that fire damage I was worried that it would have put us back at least three years from my originally schedule of making a real profit.

However, this fire was a blessing in surprise. The time I was able to take time and remake the entire plan. Creating a completely new flow of loveliness. Revamping my menu, the paint, even fully upgrading the kitchen. I am so blessed to have such a supportive staff.

I hope that this Thursday when I meet with my finical advisor he confirms this profit forecast. I really feel that this will be the best information that I received in a very long time. Let me tell you, my readers, I have a very great feeling about this. I just know that it will be all good things.

Yes, this meeting is going to be a hit. My restaurant will be the cat’s pajamas or is it the cats meow?

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