How we were almost shut down

After my first day as an official restaurateur, it was hard to get it going. Serving delicious customize burritos that was a big hit, we almost bottom out. That first week it was amazing, we made money hand over fist.

Thankfully, the food truck had established a long and loyal following of excited fans of our food. Which carry us through the first week or so, really well actually. After our grand opening, I just knew that my abuelita recipes were muy Bueno!

As the money started rolling in, folks leave full and happy the worst thing that could happen did. We were in the height of our grand opening week, everything look promising. Then I received a call from the local fire department.

It was late at night or I guess you could say early in the morning. When I got the call. I was in bed with my wife. The restaurant was booked solid; we were hoofing it all day. Such an amazing day. That night I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

I was so happy and excited that it was doing so well. For years, I put off opening one scared of failing miserably and putting my family in ruins. After some careful planning and financial frugality, we were able to open.

When I got that call, I was devastated.

There was a fire. Apparently sometime after we had closed an electric fire started. It burned the entire kitchen and caused smoke damage. I thought we would never come back from that.

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