Grand Re-Opening

I have to say I am so happy that we are passed that annoying fire. Those months without an operating restaurant, my employees without a place to go or be, just waiting and waiting and waiting. Let me tell you, t seem to take forever. We were all stress out and irritated from the setbacks and of course the waiting.

Finally, once the heating and cooling system was replaced and installed I knew that the end was near. Especially, when the workers started putting paint on the walls. Now roughly six months later back on like donkey Kong.

I think I just dated myself. Who still says that? I know my kids would be cracking up at me right now. I am talking about full belly laughs, with tears streaming down their cheeks. I can just imagine it.

Well anyway, we are past that part of our lives and I hope it never happens again. I even hope that any business owner reading this is also spared the hardships of having their business go up in flames. Literally and figuratively. Either way is a horrible predicament to be in.

Now we are back in full swing, business is booming! It is as if we never were shut down. The grand re-opening was spectacular. The crowds, the excitement, the energy. If I am being honest, it was better than the first grand opening we hosted.

Maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

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