Best employees ever!

Now that it is after the great fire, we have returned better and stronger than ever. At first, it was somewhat scary. Being down that long, without working it was a scary thing. Not just for me but for my employees as well. They felt that crunch and hard spot that the incident put each one of them in. I have to say this they are the best and most loyal employees that a person could ask for.

I like to think that I treat everyone like family. By making, they feel welcome and appreciated. That can only go so far, right. I am still running a business with the ultimate goal is to make money. Although I hate to be the bad person, I still have to be the money smart person. However, as long as they shoot straight with me and treat my customer’s right then I will go the extra mile.

As I would anyone in my life. That is just how I was brought up. My abuelita always told me since I was a young boy to always treat folks better than they treat you. That way you will be forever blessed in all of your endeavors.

I must say it has really paid off. Over the course of five months, I did not lose not one employee. Each and everyone stuck through it with family and me. Not wanting to be at home not earning their paycheck, they came in and helped with the rebuilt.

Man I love my workers, the best bunch of folks this side of the Mississippi.

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