About Miguel De Jesus

In my house, it is all about family. I grew up in a home filled with people. In it, there was me and my brothers and sisters, my parents, my grandparents on my father side, my grandmother on my mother side, my uncle, tio Isa, and on occasion any number of cousins. Our house was like a hostel. As a kid, I loved it but then I became a teenager and hated it.

As an adult, I now know that it was a magical place to grow up, that it was special.

Since I was a young boy in my abuelita’s kitchen cooking enchiladas, carne asada, chimichangas, whatever she decide we would have that evening, I have fallen in love my family’s cuisine. No matter what I was going through, including my moody teenager years, I always find solace in getting my hands dirty in the kitchen.

A house full of people you got get what alone time you can with your abuelita. It also helped that I was her favorite, one time after a night of some tequila that my Tia Lupe from Mexico, she admit as much.

Now all of these years later I own and run a family style restaurant featuring South American cuisine. Luckily, I have family from all over south America we enjoyed an all host of different foods and desserts. From all over.

It was delicious living in my house.

I have taken all of that insight and put it into my restaurant.